Admission Open for the Session 2022-2023 .

A. Regarding Regularity, Disciplines and School Uniform.

  • 1.It is to be ensured that the ward(s) is (are) punctual to school.
  • 2.It is to be ensured that the ward(s) is (are) neatly dressed in complete school uniform.
  • 3. Use of henna and nail paints and jewelry is prohibited.
  • 4.Nails should be trimmed.

B. Regarding Study Habits

  • 1 Measures should be taken for forming habits of regular study by following class instruction & class assignment.
  • 2 Diary of the wards(S) should be checked regularly for assignment and notices, if any.
  • 3 Reading habits should be encouraged.
  • 4. Books and notebooks should be neatly covered with brown paper. Name , class & Section should be legibly written on it.

C: General

  • 1.To ensure that the ward(s) do not carry cash or expensive articles to school.
  • 2. Parents /guardians should themselves make the payment of fees as far as possible.
  • 3. It is compulsory to attend the Parents Teacher Meetings . In case the parents/ guardian want to meet the teacher to discuss their ward’s progress they are to take permission from the Principal. Time should be given for such discussion only in the recess or after school hours. Parents/ guardian are barred from going to the classes as this disturbs the teaching-learning process.
  • 4.Attendance is compulsory on the opening day of each term/quarter
  • Absence for three consecutive days from the opening of the term/quarter or ten consecutive days shall lead to striking off the name from the school rolls.
  • 5. Irregular attendance, insubordination, action detrimental to discipline & moral tone of the school will lead to action deem fit.
  • 6. Any damage to school property shall have to be made good.